My writing!

Here I will link my stories. They are hosted on AO3 and require to be logged in to be read. (This is to prevent AI bots to use them as fuel.)
These are mainly written in German but some of the fanfictions/one-shots have English translations.



Couchgeflüster & Couch Whispers
(FFXIII, LightningxLebreau, GER&ENG)

Flügel & Wings
(FFXIII, LightningxLebreau, GER&ENG)

Die Krawatte & The Necktie
(FFXIII, LightningxLebreau, GER&ENG)

Die Verabredung & The Date
(FFXIII, LightningxLebreau, GER&ENG)

Schmooples und Nugget & Schmooples and Nugget
(DAO, SuranaxLeliana, GER&ENG)

Ein bisschen Selbstliebe hat noch niemandem geschadet (NSFW!)
(FFXIII, Lightning, GER)


You Give Me More Than Love
(FFXIII, LightningxLebreau, GER)

Back Into The Woods
(FFXII, MjrnxCatarina, GER)

The Woman That Time Forgot
(LR:FFXIII, LightningxOC, GER)

Under A Million Blazing Stars
(Metroid, Samus AranxOC, ENG)

Original Works


Das Mädchen mit den Grauen Augen