Links to other cool websites!

Resources Blinkies and blinkie maker
Internet Bumperstickers: Funny graphics and bumper stickers
Gifcities: A collection of GIFs
Pixels: A collection of pixel graphics
Pixelsafari: Collection of pixel graphics
A.N. Luca's 88x31 Buttons: Collection of 88x31 buttons
Kiunlo's Cursors: Collection of cursors
88x15 button maker: Make 88x15 buttons
Glitter Maker: Make glitter text/graphics
Cool Text: Cool text maker
Make WordArt: WordArt generator
Userbox generator: Make your own userboxes
Animated Glitter Graphics: Graphics, buttons, PNGs etc.
88x31 Button maker: Make 88x31 buttons
Create shapes in CSS: Basic and advanced shapes using HTML/CSS
Webgarden: Learn how to make a webgarden
Identity Button maker: Make small identity buttons

Art Resources

Quickposes: References and quick drawing challenges
Creative Uncut: Video game concept art
CTRL Paint: Art and drawing tutorials

Website Building

Sadgrl's Layout Builder: Layout builder and other web resources
CSS Tutorial by W3Schools: CSS Tutorial and other coding resources
Color Hex Codes: Hex codes and colour picker
32-bit café's Website ideas

Fun Stuff

Rat Generator: Generate a rat!
List of Common Misconceptions
Learn to Knit with Scales
PaintBBS: Drawing board without registration required
Incorrect Quotes Generator: Generate incorrect quotes for characters or OCs
Neonflames: Make a nebula!
This is Sand: Make art with simulated sand
JS Paint: Old in-browser MS Paint


MyAbandonware: Games that are no longer being sold (abandonware) for download
Old Games Download: Abandonware games for download Collection of indie games and more
Flash Museum: Old flash games to play and animations to watch
Hexxagon: A game of rubies vs. pearls

Misc. Bypass paywalls
Nostalgia for the 2000s: A website about the early internet
10 Minute Mail: Create an expiring e-mail address
Photopea: In-browser online photo editor
MyFoodFridge: Recipes for whatever you already have in the fridge
Marginalia: A search engine for the small web and more

Broken Links

Maybe they'll come back...?

Hoarding: Collection of pixel graphics, blinkies, stamps and more
MyBlinkie: Blinkies and blinkie maker